70 years of family experience designing and making sofas.

If you find a bespoke British sofa, corner sofas, armchair, footstool, bed or sofa bed, of an equivalent design and fabric, at a lower price, we will always match it. If you find something directly comparable, but cheaper within six months of buying from us, we will refund the difference.

Our terminology.

“Bespoke”: Capable of being upholstered in any fabric in the world.

“British”: Made in Britain.

“Equivalent design”: The item looks the same in detail, and is the same size on all main dimensions, within 5cms.

“Equivalent fabric”: any fabric that looks the same, and has the same Recommended Retail Price, (RRP.)

“Match it” and “Refund the difference”: You’ll need to provide full details of the competitor product sufficient to verify your claim.

“Directly comparable”: A registered arbitrator would consider them very similar in all respects.

“Six months”: From the date of your purchase, not from the date of delivery.

The competitors item, must be available on general sale, and cannot be a one off item, or clearance piece.