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Exotic and flamboyant, Harlequin fabrics combine colours, textures and patterns in a way that tantalize the interior design taste buds.

Bold and bright, Harlequin upholstery fabrics are no shrinking violets with clashing designs just waiting to transport your interiors to a Rio inspired riot of colour or a labyrinth of jewel rich tones, just as you would find in the Moroccan souks.

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Any Fabric in The World

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Romo upholstery fabrics start their journey just around the corner from our very own workshops in Sutton-in-Ashfield. Here a team of talented designers are set loose with an array of artistic materials with just one objective, creating new and exciting fabrics to add to the collections we already know and love. British design is something close to our own hearts and we simply adore Romo for their British roots too.

Choose Kirkby Design fabrics for contemporary prints in this seasons on-trend oranges, corals and cobalts. Choosing the right combination of sofa and Kirby Design fabric will add an instant contemporary hit to your home with a touch of mid-century charm.

Romo’s Villa Nova fabrics offer an eclectic selection of wonderful plains that sit happily alongside ethnic inspired weaves with a hint of far eastern charm. We love Villa Nova for its fresh, clean and homely designs. Touches of pretty Japanese cherry blossom blend with creams, soft blues and warm greys along with pops of rusty oranges and indulgent purples.

Dive into Mark Alexander’s plush and tactile fabric books, where texture is king and soft colours reign supreme. Think greys of all shades and a plethora of other muted tones. Mix mohair velvets with stunning sheers and lambs wool with linen for a look that is opulent and luxurious.

Romo’s Black Edition will enable you to release your inner creative with large scale, hand painted designs straight form the artist’s studio. This is not a choice for minimalists, Romo Black Edition is all about freestyle, expressive design with rich colours and metallic threads intertwining seamlessly together. The end result is a choice of fabrics that could just as easily be fresh off the catwalk as straight from the mill.

It would be unfair to talk about Romo and not mention our best selling design, Linara. Available in over 200 stunning shades, this is the dream plain fabric for anyone looking to match a colour in an existing scheme or simply searching for the softest of brushed cottons. Linara features heavily in our showroom designs for just a few simple reasons; this is a practical, washable fabric that looks stunning in all shades, from peacock to pumice.

With such a diverse range of fabric collections, there is a place for Romo fabrics in most homes. Whether you’re looking for something classic and chic, fun and playful or contemporary and exciting, our Design Consultants can show you treasures to inspire and aid with designing your perfect sofa together. Pick your perfect Romo fabric samples in our showrooms or have a browse in our customer gallery or even more Romo inspiration.

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